BIKE RIDE to “1984” Screening Tonight / resisting Fascism in Frederick

Culture is one damn good way to help the cause of fighting fascism.  Tonight, Tuesday April 4th across the nation, theaters both above and underground will be screening “1984.”  Frederick’s underground screening is being organized (and properly agitated) by Gravel & Grind. [they’re also raising some $ for Subversive Zine to publish their 2nd issue, more on that in a moment].

Here’s what you need to know:

1st up: the FB statement by Gravel & Grind:

On April 4th, theaters around the country are screening the movie 1984, based on the book by George Orwell. This is a critical time to be watching this film. Please join us for a free guerilla screening Tuesday. Bring snacks, a chair or blanket, and whatever you need for the weather, cause it’ll be outside. Meet at the shop at 6, BYO. Bring lights to get back. We’ll start the screening with a few ideas to think about during the movie, and after, we’ll have a semi organized discussion about the movie. Share this, make your friends come out!
 So just that you’re clear:
  • Meet up at Gravel & Grind (124 S Carroll St, Frederick, MD 21701) at/around 6pm. 
  • If weather cooperates (it should according to Weather Underground) bike ride out leaves around 6:45 or so -arriving at venue at 7:30 when it’s a bit darker. BRING yr BIKE LIGHTS so you can make your way back home or back to G&G.
  • Bring something to sit on. Bring snacks/whatever.
  • Go sign up at the FB event page just so they know how much popcorn to pop, etc.
  • They’ll do a #CultureNotCash / pass the hat thing for the new subVersive Zine to publish the 2nd issue (the first one is disappearing off the streets fast) so bring a few bucks or a huge wad of cash to help keep that going. We’ll also have subVersive Zine copies on hand (translation: Me or Kelley will bring copies of the Zine to pass out).
  • Discussion afterward. This is the part I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!  disclosure: I used to curate films for an underground film fest in Omaha – many of the flicks were political in nature and critical of the then Bush administration and their fascism-lite.  It naturally led to some fascinating discussions – some of which led to organizing huge protests in Omaha  – and eventually a historic 1 electoral point won for Obama in 2008.  I know, 1 electoral point wasn’t a lot –but come on, this is Omaha Nebraska – a crazy conservative part of the US.


Other stuff coming soon on WM (including a long delayed Double Motorcycles review and more ) but I leave you with this super incredible  image as indie rockers Mr Husband (New Gods / Yellow K Records) met with a holy inspiration for bands like Panda Bear’s Animal Collective:  none other than Brian Wilson (and Al Jardine) -both of the Beach Boys.

Mr Husband is reportedly Kenny Thompkins. According to the Frederick News Post’s art aesthetic magazine published last week, Thompkins moved from Germantown to Frederick recently. He multitasks running Yellow K records, his band from Frostburg New God and his new project, Mr Husband along with other rebel alliance members such as Ryan Nicholson from Heavy Lights.

What little I’ve heard of Mr Husband is that it’s Brian Wilson-esque playing with 21st century electronic gizmos and looping – lots of looping.  Dope AF.   On May 20th  Mr Husband, along with Miss Lonelyheart, Tuff Junior (a collab b/w Old Indian’s Cory Springirth & Heavy Light’s and DC’s Drop Electric are playing Skystage for WesternMachines presents (as part of the 2nd and last THING festival).


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