East St Arts Center: obituary cancelled / IT’S ALIVE!!! Cafe Nola shows + Film stuff

I was trying to conjure up those old B movie horror films with Dr Frankenstein yelling “IT’S ALIVE!” in faux German accent, but I can barely contain myself. Originally I was going to write an obituary, having initially been excited about the possibilities for the performing arts scene in Frederick with the Landless Theater moving into the old Hobbytown, a ginormous 12,000 sq ft space in east Frederick last summer. Then tragedy struck, hopeful revenue streams dried up and the newly dubbed East St Arts Center was set to go dark on Oct 1 (I wrote about the decision to close up shop in Western Machines here). Instead an 11th hour miracle: no moving out today!   This happened late last night on Facebook:

The holidays come early for East Street Arts Center! Our landlord decided she wants to help us stick around, so we are in business through January and hopefully beyond! Time to start planning!

He explains later on the change of heart by the landlady, again we go to facebook:

Andrew Baughman We owe thanks to Jason Hoffman. Our landlord popped in and he talked up the place and how needed it is. I think she was impressed to see TJ high school using the space.

Jason Hoffman is a theater teacher at Thomas Johnson High School and an actor with the Landless Theater (and now hero for both Frederick Arts scene and Western Machines).

So the challenge now is find different revenue streams, perhaps subcontracting out the space to participating and paying companies or non-profit organizations, new organizations to rent and utilize the space for events/rehearsal space, as well as bands who might be able to hold ALL AGE shows (like the Middle Kid EP show last month).  Could there be film screenings, or other large events to keep the place hopping? Are there arts grants available or local patron of the arts who are visionary?   All needs to be figured out soon.  This new injection of life this time hopefully, the East St Arts Center will be given a chance to stick around for good!


Quick Skystage update: Austin & Olivia (indie folksters with KILLER harmonies & more) were set to perform at the new Skystage but unfortunately the organizers already called it and it’s been cancelled due to the rain.  Yes, Weather Underground (the most radical weather prognosticators around) said there’s a low chance of rain by 7pm however the PA equipment and will all be exposed to the elements earlier in the day….so that’s a bummer. Hopefully it will be rescheduled.


FILM stuff: I wrote about a couple of things happening in the indie film scene for the FNP including:

  • right now several crews are super busy filming shorts for the 72 Film Fest, now in it’s 11th year.  All films presented on night 1 at the Weinberg Fri Oct 7, winning films shown Sat Oct 8th…
  • “A Godly Manner” film premiere by Matt Myslinski, looks like a pretty cool neo-noir movie by the Baltimore based director. It’s today Saturday Oct 1 at 3pm at MDL Holiday Cinema. Included is 2 other neat film shorts and a cast and crew Q&A at the end.
  • LEDA shooting round 2 underway, Sam Tressler IV is still releasing these trippy, surrreal and super fun Vimeo shorts that either thanks Kickstarter contributors, implores for more contributions -way better than listening to NPR pleas – or explains their experimental and cutting edge filming processes. Check out the newest ones here. BTW they won the indiewire project of the day. Support  / Like & Share.
  • Finally, Rachel Scorpio – a Tuscarora High alum and now actress in LA has a role in an upcoming James Franco movie. Very exciting stuff, but she’s even more psyched about a documentary she’s hoping to put out about what life is like for those released after prison. She’s already in Frederick to plan and film this, but she needs help with her indiegogo campaign to get this going.  She’s raised 72% of her goal but there’s only 12 days left.  Go to her indiegogo page to support that project…



AJ Naylor (aka DJ TWO TEKS) last night lit the place up with his BANG BANG fri night set, according to the social netwerks. Damn, another night I passed out after putting kids to bed.  I live vicariously thru others sometimes…

Tonight Box Era (College Park MD) is playing Nola, self described as electro-pop with a bit of funk/jazz thrown in.  Check out their soundcloud page.

Sunday Oct 2, It’s all about indie rock Middle Kid (their stellar ‘Yeah, Sure’ EP is still in constant play in my car) playing a set with Chicago’s Bailiff . Go to the show – pick up a copy of Middle Kid’s EP – contemplate life, enjoy the music, and revel in the thought of Trump not getting elected in November and how it will prevent Western civilization’s collapse.


Last Cafe Nola moment, local indie rock gods MISS LONELYHEART are set to play at Nola next Saturday, Oct 8, along with Tina and Dot Dash (w/ member from Minor Threat)!  I’m excited –this is the exact lineup I missed back in August. Miss Lonelyheart BTW released their new 7″ vinyl – which I saw a copy lying around Gravel & Grind 2 days ago:

Whaaaat? New Miss Lonelyheart 7"? Yes please

A post shared by Roy Ghim (@westernmachines) on

I couldn’t help myself, I had to play it…and lo, it was good!

That is a Tapir, isn’t it? On the front cover?  I’ll have more on the new Miss Lonelyheart release and show in a few days, stay tuned…

BTW: Dischord records (yes that Dischord records) are distributing their stuff. That alone is pretty rad.

Extra Time: Way to go LUNA Raven Jackson, who opened for Violet Femmes last night in Baltimore. That’s makes it twice as she opened for the Femmes when they played Flying Dog last summer. Sold out show at the Ram’s Head, represent!


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