Final Days of Area 31: Children of Men screening on Fri January 10 @8pm

Things are changing in Frederick…for better or worse these days? The narrative would suggest the latter as both music and culture related venues have been closing left and right in the past couple months. Guidos, Blueside, and now Area 31 (31 E. Patrick St) is set to go dark at end of January. Perhaps a resurrection is in order so thinking optimistic – there’s been a FINAL DAYS OF AREA 31 film series to raise money for a possible new venue for independent film screenings in Frederick. We’re down to the last 2 screenings at the sort of hidden Area 31 building as we know it now: tomorrow Friday January 10th 2020, Western Machines will awaken from it’s slumber to show Children of Men, a 2006 Alphonso CuarĂ²n dystopian masterpiece alongside the collective @Area 31 at 8pm. Come for the dystopia / stay for Roy Ghim’s quasi bday party – adult beverages will be on hand.

Now I know what you might be thinking: isn’t it a bit twisted to show a dystopian film about the possible end of the world on your birthday? I think of it more as a celebration of life. Sure, you might point out that the movie is more an allusion of the present growing state of fascism and the detention of immigrants and refugees combined with ongoing climate change turmoil in the backdrop. Conversely, I see a glimmer of hope as a powerful thing unto itself within the film. But I won’t spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it. For those on a repeat viewing, I share that sentiment that this is worthy of repeated viewing – there’s more to unpack every time -including that insane one take shot!

Admission is $10 — oh yeah – I borrowed THE MOST CUSHION-y chairs in all of Frederick – thanks to New Spire Stages – your ass will thank me for hauling them down to Area 31!

Last event: Saturday Jan 11 will be the Black Hills Night Hike shorts sponsored by 72 Film Fest – this has been an ongoing project for Frederick filmmakers to create short horror anthology based on Maryland tales of creatures that have haunted the woods for centuries. From the FB link here you can catch films from Jordan Miller and Raven Jackson and more!

That’s all for now, happy new year and new decade. What will it bring? Hopefully more joy and less fascism. Cross fingers. We will update on the future of Area 31 as the lease to the current building runs out at the end of the month.

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