Frederick City Election Tuesday: WesternMachines + Subversive Zine want YOU to VOTE!

Less than 17% of Frederick city voted in the last election in 2013. That is atrociously low – and as a consequence, Mayor Randy McClement was re-elected.  In office since 2009, McClemment is Republican that has – how do we put this- has done virtually nothing. In the meantime, gentrification has blossomed in the city like weeds, and little cultural improvements to the Frederick landscape has encapsulated his time as the hands off mayor. In a moment captured several years ago over the future of the Carmack/Jay building on 5th and Market, he was laughed at by hundreds in attendance when he said he thought things were going well in Frederick. Status Quo, same old same old?  Naw.  The people in that crowded city hall weren’t buying that.

An opportunity has emerged: Frederick City wide primary voting will take place September 12 from 7am and polls close 8pm.


Early voting has come and gone, but here’s a chance to take the reins of democracy in your hands. It’s the punk thing to do.  Subversive Zine’s debut in March highlighted the incredibly low participation rate in the 2013 elections.  Can the narrative be flipped?   Both WM and Subversive thinks so, especially in light of how galvanizing the threat to democracy  ‘president trump’ has been.  The question is will it translate to a city election tomorrow?

Anyway, the GOP primary has Aloi and McClemment squaring off, while the Democrats have former mayor Jennifer Dougherty and City Alderman Micheal O’Conner vying for the chance to represent in the final General election later on November 7th.

From the FNP:

City of Frederick Mayoral Race: Democratic Primary


Where things get a bit crowded is the City’s Alderman race on the Democrats side of the aisle. 10 Democratic candidates will have to survive the Primary Rounds (you can only vote for up to 5 in the primary tomorrow) to get to the General election in November   (only 5 republicans threw their hat into the ring, thus no primary battle, they all advance to the November General election).


From the FNP, here are your Democratic Aldermans running:

City of Frederick Board of Aldermen Race: Democratic Primary

Unfortunately the FNP profiles don’t really do enough to let voters figure out substantively who the candidates are to be informed about this alderman race.


It’s too simplistic to tie in the proposed downtown hotel/conference/ demolition of the Tannery issue as the litmus test to vote for any candidate in this election, but without a doubt, it is on the minds of many in the city.  Whether it impacts the alderman and mayoral race is yet to be determined, but one interesting trend that’s been happening over the past several months is this weird unwritten, unintentional and uncalibrated merging of lefty and righty elements in the area over the hotly contested trifecta of hotel/conference center/and demolition of the historic tannery.

The  narrative on the left sees the demolition of the tannery as destruction of history over short sided and compromised hotel deal with city elites. Moreover, the short lived 200 East Art Haus put together by the former owners of the Frederick News Post at the old FNP downtown site on Carrol and Patrick St showed potential of what Frederick has been missing: an essential midsized music and arts venue.  If people are talking about an anchor to the downtown, Why not a cultural anchor for the city?!?

Meanwhile the narrative on the right sees a government conspiracy with the former owners of the FNP, the Randal family to boondoggle government funds to to subsidize a winner in Plamondon’s hotel & conference center at the expense of taxpayers.

There’s much to talk about with regards to this contested issue/ issues, but times up and I’ve got to pick up my kids from school.  See you on the flipside and however you stand on the hotel /tannery issue or other important issues facing the city like blight and affordable housing, VOTE!!!!!!!!!

I leave you with a new podcast series Frederickland – here they talk with some Subversives in forming the zine and a bit of city politics. Click here for that link  UPDATE 9:29 PM: Frederickland dropped another podcast – interviewing Sam and Clark from Area 31 on all things indie film related in the city including the 72 Film Fest and Sam’s LEDA film now in post production – click here for that link.


Extra Time: just announced – Subversive Zine is sponsoring a show at Gravel & Grind on Sept 24. Art by Ana Jantz, Photog by Emily Jesse and music by Sleeptaker, Middle Kid, Luna and The Human Fly – this show is going to be Dope AF.


Update 9:25pm: Also got word of a brand new episode of Chili Town Radio.  #6 dropped and has this to listen to:

This is Episode 6 of Chili Town Radio!

Live Performances and Tracks in order:

Kate Smiles –
Jackson Knight –
Owl like creature –
Cody Valentine –
Maulrat –
The Firnats –
The Shandies –
Cherry –
deer scout –
Nanami Ozone–

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