Miss Lonelyheart 7″ EP release @ Cafe Nola + Skystage Saturday Oct 8

Nearly 3AM and bleary eyed, seems perfect time to listen to Miss Lonelyheart’s new 7″ Ordinary Living.  First: the fact that a Frederick based band is even releasing a 7″ is just extraordinary.  Visually it’s stunning, shock pink vinyl with a tapir (I think it’s a tapir) right on the cover.  Dropping the needle now, I can officially do so as today marks  Miss Lonelyheart’s first release in over 14 years, to which they’re celebrating along with Dot/Dash (featuring ex members of Minor Threat)…

It’s like a time warp, back to the 90’s. A little Pavement here, some early 90’s R.E.M. there.  Derivative it’s not- as the aughts inform some of the sound’s sensibilities.  It’s a good sampling of the songwriting maturity, given the time between this current material and their last release, 2002’s Signal and Release.  Last week I wandered into Gravel and Grind and couldn’t help myself to the LP player in there:

Whaaaat? New Miss Lonelyheart 7"? Yes please

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Saturday’s EP release show will be at Cafe Nola. Dot/Dash probably going on around 10pm.


The 72 Film Fest winners will be screened a few hours earlier at the Weinberg.  I caught a few of the entrees Friday evening, some fairly decent and hilarious – amazing considering the short time contestants have to complete their project.  Retro/Ricole is in one of the entrees – his crew’s efforts was documented by Imade Borha. Actually she got roped into helping write the script – read all about that here.

One more 72 Film Fest item to look for Saturday night: Sam Tresller IV’s Leda will have a new excerpt/trailer that was so emotionally compelling, according to the director: “it brought a tear to my eye when I put that together.”  I’ve been told this mini-sneak peak into his ambitious project is quite stunning.  Like the 72 Film Fest- there’s a cliffhanging time limit approaching: he still needs to raise quite a large amount to continue his amazing project. They’ve raised nearly 7K out of 35K that they need (and they probably still need more). Check out the LEDA kickstarter page to learn more and/or to contribute. But the clock is running out, they have about 2 weeks left…

Over a week ago, I also wrote in the FNP a blurb on Rachel Scorpio, her project to document a newly released prisoner on what life is like after jail. She’s raised about 77% of her indiegogo goal, but has only 5 days left in the campaign.

I also previewed t a film premier at the MDL Holiday Cinemas, Matt Myslinski’s neo-noir  “A Godly Manner.”  The verdict is in: success! Over 200 people showed up to see the premier last Saturday.

Last but not least, Jake Warrenfeltz and his americana band Crooks & Crows from DC will play Skystage, along with Trent Renshaw Trio, a jazz band.  That show also is Saturday night and starts at 7pm but keep track of rain – last Saturday’s Austin & Olivia show was cancelled due to the weather.

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