NPR’s Korva Coleman at Hood College today at 5:30pm

I know I know, not music or film related but as a NPR news junkie, I was surprised to see a notice from Hood College about Korva Coleman giving a talk today at 5:30 on their campus (Whitaker Campus Center Commons).  But before delving into that, Skystage is looking awesome, more events on the way after opening last week, indie rock band Middle Kid is doing a show in DC on Friday nite and Cheshi has grand darkly plans for their Halloween show at the MET later in October, see this teaser poster:

Now back to Korva Coleman, if you’re a NPR news junkie like yours truly, beat a path toward Hood College this afternoon for a free to the public event at 5:30pm.  Here’s the presser:


Passion and Profession with Korva Coleman, NPR Newscaster

5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Location:
  • Whitaker Campus Center Commons
  • Description:
  • Korva Coleman, a newscaster for NPR responsible for writing, producing and delivering national newscasts airing during several NPR news shows, will be speaking about the experiences that helped guide her to her current work including reflections on the gifts of failure, insights from 9/11 and the power of asking questions versus finding answers.


Goddamn that’s exciting!  Well, some might not think so, but to me honestly that is the bees knees!


Gots to go, but before I do, one more item about Middle Kid, their new EP “Yeah, Sure” has been in constant rotation in my car CD player.  Brilliant stuff, go check it out at their bandcamp site. 

I may be back to update this page, there’s upcoming projects by ex Old Indian Cory Springirth, new concerts & project by Miss Lonelyheart and more LEDA kickstarter video stuff, stay tuned…




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