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Fun Boys EP release & Kai Orion/Luna shows today

I’m on the run (what’s new?) but quickly now – this should b on yr radar:

Fun Boys EP release show at Guidos.  Starts at 9pm – until 1am maybe. They just played Baltimore with Cheshi and Middle Kid last night. And tonight Fun Boys brings some Baltimore bands to join in the fun: Micah E. Woods, Hexgirlfriends, and Albert Bagman (I think Albert Bagman is from b’more).  Here’s description from their FB event page:

Get ready!

The Fun Boys- Hometown heartthrobs

Micah E Wood- Baltimore sad boy indie hip pop

Hexgirlfriends- Electrofemme punk from Baltimore

Albert Bagman- Baltimore avant-garde freak folk

Free show!
Support the bands!
Tip your bartenders!
Party! Guidos: 543 N. Market St

Also tonight at Cafe Nola: Kai Orion’s bday show: from the FB events page:

Kai Orion is an experimental-pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Frederick. His work blends unconventional techniques with accessible songwriting, drawing comparisons to the likes of Peter Gabriel and Tom Waits. Orion’s debut album, “Pots & Pans,” was created using only common everyday objects and sounds as instruments, in addition to vocals. The Frederick News Post called it “the most ambitious record of 2015.” In 2014, Orion won a cover contest held by indie rock band The National for his cover of their song “I Need My Girl.”

Alexander Gallows is a versatile singer-songwriter from the D.C. area. His work focuses around the acoustic sound and lyricism. His debut album “Solitude” is available on CDbaby, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Luna is a Frederick based singer/songwriter, playing dreamy acoustic pop with an experimental aesthetic and sophisticated lyrics.


Frederick Playlist highlighted Kai this week – giving Kai a celebrity playlist. Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel + prog rock era Genesis among other good picks like the National, Massive Attack and Talk Talk  – pretty decent listening – check that here.


We’ll try to update when we can, lots of talking points including:

  • Successful New Spire Spaces open house last week – tons of people showed up – another event July 21 Media Town Hall  make sure you put that on yr calendar
  • Brunswick’s SmokeHouse brewery looking to refurbish an old firehall event space that once hosted Duke Ellington and Patsy Kline – it be interesting to do some musical archeology to see what other bands once played during the venue’s glory days.
  • July 21: first run arthouse cinema returns to Area 31 now that LEDA principal filming is over.  LOST IN PARIS is another fantastic Oscilliscopes Lab release – get tickets on eventbrite and check out the trailer:


punk vaudeville @Nola: Fun Boys, Albert Bagman, Austin & Olivia

Before getting to all that’s fit to post, undoubtedly you saw something about the Women’s March in DC or Frederick this past Saturday.  An incredible turnout of over a million-a sea of iconic pink pussyhats, and a first shot across the bow in resisting the trump adminstration – what with all the racism, misogyny, homophobia and aversion to facts that epitomizes that camp.  Over a million+ in DC –there were over a thousand here in Frederick – yes, FREDERICK! That kind of turnout never happens here.  Then there was the worldwide turnout. No to fascism statement on day 1 of the trump era. Here’s the FNP coverage of the event AND a relatively new outfit, Frederick Extra, an online news site, posted up on the Frederick march – identifying the man that helped amplify the speeches and announcements. And  now, a video from the Frederick march:

Ok let’s get to some culture stuff -after the jump (if this was an old TV show: “we’ll return, right after these messages)… Continue reading punk vaudeville @Nola: Fun Boys, Albert Bagman, Austin & Olivia

Landless & ESAC Going Landless redux + Funboys/Stitch Early @ Skystage + DEAD WILL RISE show @ MET

Ok I do have to lament just a tad, the end of October means ghosts, ghouls and merryment -but I know that the good folks at Landless Theater will be packing up as I write this.  If you’ve been following WesternMachines or read my FNP column on Thursday, you know that the Landless Theater is moving out and it’s a lost opportunity for the Frederick performing arts scene. (Stay with me after the jump, there be positive stuff to balance out the darkness…) Continue reading Landless & ESAC Going Landless redux + Funboys/Stitch Early @ Skystage + DEAD WILL RISE show @ MET