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J Berd : Representing at Pop Montreal 2017 Today

Art and hip-hop goes together like rolled joint to a flame.  Today marks the start of the Pop Montreal Festival. As diverse & eclectic a lineup as that festival is, from ASMA to Wu Tang Clan, Frederick/Hagerstown’s own J Berd will be holding it down by opening the festival tonight at 6-8pm. Along with DJ Blaze, he’ll be doing his set (my guess: a mix of stuff from “Latchkey Kids” and stuff from his upcoming “Overtime” album).  That’s not all – he’s bringing his artwork and installed it yesterday. His art exhibit, titled Adventures in Boom Bap “depicts his friends and fellow musicians in his local scene as well as heroes from Rap history,” and will be up during the festival.

J Berd has been doing some high profile shows lately, including a May 5th Pittsburg show opening for Method Man & Redman. He was also scheduled to do an opening set, opening for Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) at Rams Head in B’more in late September – that’s been postponed until later in the year – we’ll try to update when we have the new date.

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Rozwell Kid album release show+Travelin’ Appalachian Revue+F3filmFest+Pride Fest+Doom Fest=too much good shit to do this weekend

Listen, I know I’ve been neglectful (not updating often) but my new mantra is quality, not quantity.  Still, since the WesternMachines/Skystage/Thing show May20th (so glad you came / sorry if u didn’t go), plenty of great shows have come & gone.  Good shit happening in the film scene as well, including the F3 Pride Film Fest (which I covered in the FNP earlier in June, shameless plug). But seeing as I’m typing simultaneously whilest biking thru the city, wobbly & avoiding near death collisions – no more apologies – this post be real short.

First: let’s fill you in on cool shows happening + great events as too much good shit is happening this weekend (I’m trademarking that last fragment, get yr fucking hands off that Flying Dog. ’cause I know where u live).

Rozwell Kid – album release show with Gloop at SLAYGROUND Friday June 22 / 7:30-11pm

WHAT A COUP…can I tell you how incredible this is?  West Virgina’s Rozwell Kid, newly signed to California indie label SideOneDummy and blowing the bejezus up –  are launching their US tour with a album release show at…wait for it… the Frederick house venue known as the Slayground.  The DIY venue  is relatively new, and out of total respect for the occupants, I’ll set the tone: if you go, do not act like a bona fide asshole. I’ll let you figure out how to interpret and process that. You still in?  To get the address, go to this link and make contact. Suggested $5 donation.  Self described as ‘noisy grunge junk’ from Frederick, Gloop is also on the bill – and if you know your WesternMachines history, Gloop and their show at the JunkDrawer was (I think) the 2nd or 3rd WesternMachines post ever when it launched last summer.  So that show, which included Cheshi, had to end prematurely when the cops was called to the makeshift storage space/outdoor venue, but it would end happily when the show moved over to Knights Castle –house venue to the rescue!   Back to Rozwell Kid, they’re about to go on a pretty sizable US tour (including a stop at Omaha’s Slowdown -run by Saddle Creek Records), and going coast to coast.  If you missed them at 200 East Art Haus (like the very first show at 200 East in 2015 and very last official show there last month), this intimate house setting is going to be radical.

Travelin’ Appalachians Revue @Area31 / 7-11pm

now goddammit – why are all the good shows packed on the same weekend, on the same day ?!?  From their FB events page:

Hello, Frederick. This show is real special for us, it marks our first steps with this project outside the state of West Virginia. We can’t wait to celebrate that milestone with you. ~Celebrate~ being the key word here- that’s the whole purpose of this show.
In case you’re not familiar with The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, we are an annual mobile arts and culture festival, featuring a showcase of Appalachian writers, musicians, and artists. This is our THIRD ANNUAL year, and like I said, this is our FIRST time outside West Virginia. RAD!
Hope you can join us at the Area 31. The show kicks off at 7pm. Entry is free, but we ask you to considering donating what you can at the door so we can give all these talented folks a little cashola for their hard work.
That said, we will NEVER turn anyone away who can’t afford it!
Again, this show starts at 7pm and it is ALL AGES.

This gig is doubly unique because we will be featuring a film screening by Frederick filmmaker Samuel Tressler IV
A very special one-time-only ACOUSTIC set from Cheshi

and more musicians and writers from WV are on this bill.  Transmorgrify yourself and attend both events – it’s like the best of WV has descended onto Frederick on Friday.

But I must let loose more foul language ($*%#*&%^#@^%*$^!) as the Frederick Film Festival returns this year (now rebranded as Frederick Film & Music Fest) and opening night is…you guessed it : fucking Friday.

The Film Fest spans from Friday’s opening at the Weinberg to Saturday – with the 2nd day spread out across several venues. Me, if I can’t transmorgrify, will likely check out some documentaries on Syrian refugees on Saturday at the Deleplaine. Check out the full event schedule here.  And do check out Imade Borha’s FNP article about some of the highlights to possibly see at the film festival.

What is a music and film aficionado to do? Keep transmorgriying, Calvin & Hobbes style.

  • If there are three of me, one can go to the Slayground
  • another to Area 31
  • and the third to the Weinberg for F3’s opening night

Maryland Doom Fest returns this weekend as well – adding to Friday night’s troubles of splitting several ways, but Saturday and Sunday night offers options to attend as well.  Wander to the ‘ass end of North Market st’ and it’s there at Cafe 611 you’ll find these excellent regional and national metal acts that range in scope and subgenres.

I’ll update soon on the high Priestess of all things Metal in Frederick, Caroline Wexler with her pick of not-to-be-missed bands for the festival:



Faith in Jane

Lo Pan

Captain Beyond



The Well

Heavy Temple

Serpents of Secrecy


Wo Fat






Lifetime Shitlist

Atomic Bitchwax

Here’s more from Caroline: “…each day this year is packed with a bunch of amazing bands, so you could really show up at any time and the quality of music you’d be seeing would be off the charts. And the headliners this year are nuts. Captain Beyond is a 70s rock group that hasn’t released and album since 1977 and they’re releasing one this year…like big time rockstar types. Honestly the quality of Doom Fest has always been of such a high caliber, right from the first one they did a few years ago. Never been disappointed by this festival.”

Hella endorsement.  So…I’m splitting up 4 ways on Friday now…


But during the day Saturday, I don’t have to split myself up as one event takes over part of the city during the day: the 2017 Frederick Pride Fest.  Head over to Carrol Creek Linear Park beginning at 11am and celebrate LGBTQ pride & culture -and give a middle finger to trump and his  bigoted agenda that reversed Obama’s school policy on transgender students.  For last min schedule updates, check the FB page.


I’ll try to update tomorrow or sometime this weekend as there’s tons to talk about – I haven’t even discussed Subversive Zine issue #2 now out at yr favorite subversive joint in the city (issue #3 coming out in…July?), and a  brand new article I wrote for the FNP that came out today discussing the potential for the New Spire Spaces (formerly the Artomatic building on church st) to be a catalyst for  the Frederick music/film/art scene. Could that (or it’s sister venue, New Spire Stage, set to open next year) finally be the [permanent. read: not temporary] mid-size venue we’ve all been praying to jeebus for? Check that here.  Some super awesome voices weigh in, including Ashli Cheshire of Cheshi, Alexa Johnson -who started the SQUAT, the DIY house venue that started last year (but SQUAT’s lease ending in August), and Ryan Nicholson from Heavy Lights.  There’s also the matter of underground hip hop artist J Berd who’s going to be playing with RZA in Montreal later in early fall – yes RZA – downright exciting.  No press has covered the fact he opened for Redman and Method Man in Pittsburg last month.  J Berd, with the Makeshift Crew put out a new mixtape that’s dope af, check it here:

We’ll talk more about J soon.

After the weekend —keep a look out for :

Monday June 26 at Skystage is Cinemonday’s screening of Watership Down  Hell to the yes!

Tuesday June 27  New Spire Spaces Open House (see above and/or here)


Kid got to be picked up from summer camp, gots to go before CPS is called on my ass. Culture up. Fuck trump and fuck fascism. Peace Love and Resistance.

Mr Husband debuts May 5 @Nola : Commence Subliminal Command to Go to the Show(s)

Tonight Tonight Tonight : Mr Husband, Kenny Tompkin’s new project (which has featured a gradual building up of ridiculously bonkers social media video stuntmaking with a high factor of hilariousness – like selling band merch like a t-shirt even before putting out any music) will debut the new cassette album Plaid on Plaid and full-on band live at Cafe Nola Friday May 5 – with Michael Nau from Cotton Jones [and before that Page,France].  Show starts at 10pm – link to the FB events page here.

The full band, if you’re not aware, contains some area heavy hitters including Chris Morris (drummer for Heavy Lights & Cotton Jones) and Jason Reeder (also from Cotton Jones).

If you miss that show – Sunday is your salvation as Mr Husband will play in a more informal setting in that awesome house show venue  known as the Squat – starts at 5pm -ends at a reasonable 8pm) – check out the Sunday Squat show at their FB events link here.  Middle Kid and Silent Old Mts. on board for that one – stellar lineup for both shows.

Mr Husband will continue up the east coast to do shows, eventually winding their way to Brooklyn before heading back down to Frederick to play the Thing fest at WesternMachines curated Sky Stage show on May 20th (along with Tuff Junior/Miss Lonelyheart & Drop Electric).

This should be on your radar and you should be stoked for a number of reasons -too many to get into as I’m writing a piece and behind on my deadline for the FNP about Kenny, his moving to Frederick, Yellow K Record‘s rapid success and his music projects & muses with New God and now with Mr Husband.

Oh yeah, another reason to be excited – Mr Husband is on the radar of legit media like Stereogum. This is what they had to say on just hearing a bit of the new album Plaid on Plaid:

“Like Brian Wilson refracting through Animal Collective and boomeranging back to the ’60s, leaving behind sonic contrails” – Stereogum

hearing that—-Yes yes and triple yes

For now, go to Mr Husband’s bandcamp page to get acclimated as he worships from the house of Brian Wilson – that alone should climatize you to the wicked creative forces swirling around with this project. 


Moving on…

A few days ago Chili Town Radio came out with their 3rd podcast on Soundcloud.  A Marc Train Home, My Friday Anthem and more:



Extra time: shame on me , I almost forgot, J Berd is representing Frederick underground hip hop tonight over in Pittsburg as he’s opening for MethodMan & Redman at Xtaza nightclub.  FB event page here.  

Landless/East St Arts Center are landless again + DJ Mathias+DJ Two Teks reunion+Retro/Ricole @ Skystage

Here’s the latest as I’m still shocked to hear: Landless Theater, who was operating the East St Arts Center at the old Hobbytown in East Frederick since July  –just as they were given a new lease on life until January, was told by the landlord to move out on Sunday. That expiration date came and went – and the update: Landless now has until the end of October to move out.  This has turned into a holy mess as the Landless was scheduling and programming events in lieu of their extention to January 2017. Now all that has to be yanked up with the sudden reversal by the landlord and the management company -who is looking for something like a consignment retailer to come in and lease the 12,000 sq ft space.  Landless Theater is scrambling to find another alt / pop up venue space in Frederick (anyone know of any? I’m looking your way Marvin Ausherman, hello?!).

The Nov 11th all ages indie rock show with Middle Kid/My Friday Anthem/Gloop and Mess originally scheduled at East St Arts Center (and ironically was going to be a fundraiser to keep ESAC afloat) has now been moved to a house show location – a venue self described as The Squat [516 Lee Place in Frederick].

Miss Lonelyheart was originally going to book a show along with J. Robbins (who played in Dischord  bands like Jawbox) – now they are looking elsewhere…

This weekend here’s 2 shows not to be missed:

Pretty rad reunion: DJ Mathias and DJ Two Teks – spinning under the same sky.  Skystage that is and Friday night should be the first time they’ve DJ’d together since…the 2000’s?   When they went separate ways, Mathais eventually wound up in DC, headlining the 9:30 club on several occasions, including the moving tribute to Prince after he passed on to the great gig in the sky.  DJ Two Teks, (aka AJ Naylor) has been busy juggling an ethical clothing venture Fred & Co 1745 and DJing some crazy Nola shows billed as Bang! Bang!   The show is from 7-9pm

Saturday, also at Skystage will be a ridiculously good show with Luna opening and Retro/Ricole with Da’Mood blasting out of the park woith their blistering rock / hip hop. Rounding out the evening: DJ 100 taking over at 9. It’s a Halloween costume party as well, so don’t forget to prepare. It’s not a free show tho, roughly $13 plus change, check the eventbrite link for tix.  Show time 7-10pm


Photo: Frederick Playlist

Speaking of hip hop…

J Berd been working on some new tracks, check out this on soundcloud – he’s conspiring with Telepathy & Baby Bee [with Luis the Beatmaker on production].

Last but not least in the Frederick indie film world…


LEDA short preview rolled out at the 72 Film Fest recently and now Sam Tressler IV is running out of time for his kickstarter campaign to fund the production and avoid the hollywood studio system that’s managed to produce tripe like Transformers 1, Transformers 2, and so on. I think there’s 2 days left before deadline…

Here’s a the latest plea/thank you to donators from Sam:

This evening was a drag #Kickstarter link in bio

A post shared by Samuel Tiv (@sgtiv) on



Pharcyde / J Berd & Retro/Ricole on Saturday + Sunday Gravel & Grind Slo Rides

We’ll get to the Pharcyde and great live underground hip hop-ness descending on Frederick soon enough, but originally I wanted to title this: goddamn it! great bands I missed last week. Pittsburg band Yes Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes played the tiny room at Guidos last Tuesday – and while I was aware of the show, I had to play family man (good alibi, wedding anniversary). Wasn’t until Friday am when I took a real listen to their bandcamp page – that’s when I said outloud: “GODDAMN IT!! THAT was a great band I missed.” Hence this almost-title. Leads me to muse, what other utterly epic shows have I missed since moving to Frederick? Continue reading Pharcyde / J Berd & Retro/Ricole on Saturday + Sunday Gravel & Grind Slo Rides