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The Fire Within @ area 31 monday Feb 27 / Deathlord emerges from Cheshi’s EP release show

This weather in maryland, 70 degrees in February…theres something quite lovey and menacing at the same time. It’s unnatural.  I want to enjoy this weather (and I am) and yet…I can’t shake this sense of impending doom. Like a catastrophic flood of biblical proportions on the way.

To distract your concerns about this and the decimation of democracy by the trumpians, there’s nothing like getting together in a nearly hidden pop up cinemahouse and watching a French film on hopelessness and hope.  “The Fire Within” (Le feu follet) released in 1963 and directed by Louis Malle, it’s main character, Alain Leroy is a self-destructive writer who is set on killing himself within 24 hours but hangs out with friends in a bid to convince himself that he has a reason to live.  Here’s a snippet from the film (switch on CC if you don’t usually dialogue in French)

“The Fire Within” screens at Area 31 Monday Feb 27 at 8pm for their Cinemondays series.

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Landless & ESAC Going Landless redux + Funboys/Stitch Early @ Skystage + DEAD WILL RISE show @ MET

Ok I do have to lament just a tad, the end of October means ghosts, ghouls and merryment -but I know that the good folks at Landless Theater will be packing up as I write this.  If you’ve been following WesternMachines or read my FNP column on Thursday, you know that the Landless Theater is moving out and it’s a lost opportunity for the Frederick performing arts scene. (Stay with me after the jump, there be positive stuff to balance out the darkness…) Continue reading Landless & ESAC Going Landless redux + Funboys/Stitch Early @ Skystage + DEAD WILL RISE show @ MET

Landless/East St Arts Center are landless again + DJ Mathias+DJ Two Teks reunion+Retro/Ricole @ Skystage

Here’s the latest as I’m still shocked to hear: Landless Theater, who was operating the East St Arts Center at the old Hobbytown in East Frederick since July  –just as they were given a new lease on life until January, was told by the landlord to move out on Sunday. That expiration date came and went – and the update: Landless now has until the end of October to move out.  This has turned into a holy mess as the Landless was scheduling and programming events in lieu of their extention to January 2017. Now all that has to be yanked up with the sudden reversal by the landlord and the management company -who is looking for something like a consignment retailer to come in and lease the 12,000 sq ft space.  Landless Theater is scrambling to find another alt / pop up venue space in Frederick (anyone know of any? I’m looking your way Marvin Ausherman, hello?!).

The Nov 11th all ages indie rock show with Middle Kid/My Friday Anthem/Gloop and Mess originally scheduled at East St Arts Center (and ironically was going to be a fundraiser to keep ESAC afloat) has now been moved to a house show location – a venue self described as The Squat [516 Lee Place in Frederick].

Miss Lonelyheart was originally going to book a show along with J. Robbins (who played in Dischord  bands like Jawbox) – now they are looking elsewhere…

This weekend here’s 2 shows not to be missed:

Pretty rad reunion: DJ Mathias and DJ Two Teks – spinning under the same sky.  Skystage that is and Friday night should be the first time they’ve DJ’d together since…the 2000’s?   When they went separate ways, Mathais eventually wound up in DC, headlining the 9:30 club on several occasions, including the moving tribute to Prince after he passed on to the great gig in the sky.  DJ Two Teks, (aka AJ Naylor) has been busy juggling an ethical clothing venture Fred & Co 1745 and DJing some crazy Nola shows billed as Bang! Bang!   The show is from 7-9pm

Saturday, also at Skystage will be a ridiculously good show with Luna opening and Retro/Ricole with Da’Mood blasting out of the park woith their blistering rock / hip hop. Rounding out the evening: DJ 100 taking over at 9. It’s a Halloween costume party as well, so don’t forget to prepare. It’s not a free show tho, roughly $13 plus change, check the eventbrite link for tix.  Show time 7-10pm


Photo: Frederick Playlist

Speaking of hip hop…

J Berd been working on some new tracks, check out this on soundcloud – he’s conspiring with Telepathy & Baby Bee [with Luis the Beatmaker on production].

Last but not least in the Frederick indie film world…


LEDA short preview rolled out at the 72 Film Fest recently and now Sam Tressler IV is running out of time for his kickstarter campaign to fund the production and avoid the hollywood studio system that’s managed to produce tripe like Transformers 1, Transformers 2, and so on. I think there’s 2 days left before deadline…

Here’s a the latest plea/thank you to donators from Sam:

This evening was a drag #Kickstarter link in bio

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East St Arts Center: obituary cancelled / IT’S ALIVE!!! Cafe Nola shows + Film stuff

I was trying to conjure up those old B movie horror films with Dr Frankenstein yelling “IT’S ALIVE!” in faux German accent, but I can barely contain myself. Originally I was going to write an obituary, having initially been excited about the possibilities for the performing arts scene in Frederick with the Landless Theater moving into the old Hobbytown, a ginormous 12,000 sq ft space in east Frederick last summer. Then tragedy struck, hopeful revenue streams dried up and the newly dubbed East St Arts Center was set to go dark on Oct 1 (I wrote about the decision to close up shop in Western Machines here). Instead an 11th hour miracle: no moving out today!   This happened late last night on Facebook:

The holidays come early for East Street Arts Center! Our landlord decided she wants to help us stick around, so we are in business through January and hopefully beyond! Time to start planning!

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East Street Arts Center (aka Landless) about to go under + Middle Kid EP release!

I hate to merge these two topics, one is incredibly positive news about Frederick indie rockers Middle Kid and their much anticipated & brilliant album release today for the public to wraps its ear around  – the other a huge bummer, the brand new East Street Arts Center about to financially wipe out and go dark.  The two do have something in common: Middle Kid is hosting a fabulous EP release show at the East End Theater on September 11, along with Bested, Tina and Cheshi! Very killer lineup. One more in the positive category: this art show is opening today at Artist Angle sort of beneath Gravel & Grind.  Another? Luna and Goodloe Byron art at the Park. More on all that after the jump… Continue reading East Street Arts Center (aka Landless) about to go under + Middle Kid EP release!