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Hear it first! – Crooked Hills ( Live Set )

Hello! AC here of Chili Town Radio,

I just recorded a live set by CROOKED HILLS for an upcoming episode of chili town radio. I wanted some of you to be able to hear it first or in the case at least a couple songs from the set. You will be able to hear the whole set when the full episode is up.

I am still working on the newest episode. You can listen to the podcast on soundcloud and itunes podcast!

www.soundcloud.com/chilitownradio  – Older episodes will back up when the new one is posted.

(Gabriella Portelles) – Live at The Underground Bike Shop

On January 3rd I recorded 2 songs performed by Gabriella Portelles – Starting out with a cover song by Drake, “Passionfruit” followed by an original, “Stay Still, Midnight”.

I traveled to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for a sweet show at a bike shop in town! Gabriella opened for a touring band , DUMP HIM which was on a past chili town radio episode.  They will be having more shows  at the bike shop as well! I definitely enjoyed spending time in that city!

This live recording will be on the upcoming episode of Chili Town Radio, I just wanted to share it with everyone now! <3