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Tuff Junior & Mr Husband Sept 2 @ cafe nola

This non-frequent posting thing just has to end, might as well end the loooong break on labor day weekend as Tuff Junior AND Mr Husband team up for a killer show at Nola tomorrow – that’s Saturday night Sept 2.

Tuff Junior is a post Old Indian project of frontman Cory Springirth and while we’re waiting for their EP,  the few shows they’ve done in Frederick and the 2 online singles released on their bandcamp page have given a pretty good indication of the awesomeness that awaits.

Mr Husband – we’ve written about before so I’ll let the promo from Cafe Nola do the talking…

Mr. Husband is the songwriting and comedy persona of Kenny Tompkins.  He is best known as co-founder of noteworthy indie-upstart Yellow K Records who released one of 2016’s most critically acclaimed albums “Psychopomp” by Japanese Breakfast.   In his live band Tompkins is joined by Chris Morris of Cotton Jones on drums and Jasen Reeder of Page France on bass. The group is quickly making a name for itself with their unique live show which mixes in small doses of comedy, theatrics, and faux-self-help all centered around extremely well crafted songs.   Mr. Husband is currently on tour in support of their debut  “Plaid on Plaid” which was released on May 5th, 2017 via Yellow K Records. Continue reading Tuff Junior & Mr Husband Sept 2 @ cafe nola

Skystage opens today + Landless Theater’s last stand at East St Arts Center

One alternative performing arts center comes alive; another alt venue starts winding down to a magnificent death – using artistic license to say the place is going dark.  Birth / death, cycles within the Frederick performing arts scene all happening in the span of a day.  Let’s start first with Landless’ Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, which looks like a hilarious take on the teen angst of the Peanuts gang following the death of Snoopy. From what I can tell, tonight (Sept 17th show) looks like the last hurrah event for the short lived East St Arts Center, the new-ish name for the space the Landless Theater has occupied since late June.   Continue reading Skystage opens today + Landless Theater’s last stand at East St Arts Center