Tuff Junior & Mr Husband Sept 2 @ cafe nola

This non-frequent posting thing just has to end, might as well end the loooong break on labor day weekend as Tuff Junior AND Mr Husband team up for a killer show at Nola tomorrow – that’s Saturday night Sept 2.

Tuff Junior is a post Old Indian project of frontman Cory Springirth and while we’re waiting for their EP,  the few shows they’ve done in Frederick and the 2 online singles released on their bandcamp page have given a pretty good indication of the awesomeness that awaits.

Mr Husband – we’ve written about before so I’ll let the promo from Cafe Nola do the talking…

Mr. Husband is the songwriting and comedy persona of Kenny Tompkins.  He is best known as co-founder of noteworthy indie-upstart Yellow K Records who released one of 2016’s most critically acclaimed albums “Psychopomp” by Japanese Breakfast.   In his live band Tompkins is joined by Chris Morris of Cotton Jones on drums and Jasen Reeder of Page France on bass. The group is quickly making a name for itself with their unique live show which mixes in small doses of comedy, theatrics, and faux-self-help all centered around extremely well crafted songs.   Mr. Husband is currently on tour in support of their debut  “Plaid on Plaid” which was released on May 5th, 2017 via Yellow K Records.

Both bands performed together for the Western Machines curated Thing Fest at Skystage last May.  Mr Husband and the Yellow K Records showcase at Skystage was called off due to shitloads of rain – a bummer but I’m told it could be rescheduled. Stay tuned…

And in case you missed it – Frederick Playlist did a video segment on Mr Husband recording / performing “Riding a Lightning Bolt” at Mystery Ton Studio – [ and spoiler alert – they nailed it – and if this was recorded months ago, it was only the 5th day that band incarnation has been together].

check this for the full interview…


Western Machines has been on quite the long hiatus – and still on the road (in Grand Junction, Colorado at the moment) so it’s a bit impossible to sum up what I or you or anyone else missed in Frederick since early July.  What I can tell you is

  • the indie movies / cinemondays at Area 31 (and monthly at Skystage) have continued to rock
  • local bands in/around Frederick are still making waves
  • sadly the house venue known as the Squat put on their last show in early August – tho the Slaygrounds have emerged to take the mantle of house shows that slay
  • SUBVERSIVE ZINE issue #3 was released
  • and New Spire Spaces has been holding art / film / dance / music classes.  There are rumors that funding might materialize for a band to be chosen for residency at New Spire Spaces (in other words be granted subsidized rehearsal space for a length of time) – I’ll try to find out more on that in September.

Also…WM did miss the premier of a new Cheshi video

Directed by Daniel Wyland and edited by Jordan Miller – kudos on a superb production on one of Cheshi’s best and moving songs.


(and they also did a Frederick Playlist One Take – the inaugural video session);


When WM returns to Maryland in a few days, we’ll try to work on sponsoring some shows and a screening or two and we’ll ask the question: will Skystage cease to exist…only to be be part of the grey gentrifying space of an office building with cubicles and all or —-will it have another go at cultural arts programming for another year?

And might I add, we’ve been marveling at how utterly shit the trump administration has been since jan 20th and Charlottesville more or less is another confirmation that the US has an unstable, racist and unhinged ‘president’ leading our country.  And there’s so much more that could be said – from treason to ethical violations to veering close to the edge of nuclear warfare and the end of civilization – but time is of the essence.  The future is still unwritten, resistance is still required from every citizen – from all political stripes and backgrounds in order to prevent full blown fascism from overtaking this great, flawed, and potentially still vibrant nation.


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